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BioLogics is a leading innovator of laboratory instrumentation for the Life and Analytical Sciences. We offer novel instrumentation and software solutions that enhance microbiology appl ications such as the OMNICON Antibiotic Zone Reader - Zones of Inhibition for automating antibiotic potency testing.

OMNICON Zone Reader - Antiobitc Zone Reader

OMNICON Zone Reader
Antibiotic Potency Testing

Using the OMNICON Zone Reader to perform antibiotic potency testing (bio assays), you can get fast reproducible, quantitative results while automating one of the most time-consuming, tedious tasks in your lab.

The OMNICON Antibiotic Zone Reader integrates image analysis, comparison and reporting to provide accurate antibiotic potency results in record time. It can perform bio assays in USP - CFR - AOAC, European - British, or Japanese Pharmacopoeia methods (multi plate assay) on 100 mm round petri dishes.



OMNICON Large Plate Antibiotic Zone Reader - Latin Square

OMNICON Large Plate Zone Reader
Antibiotic Potency Testing

The OMNICON Large Plate Zone Reader can perform antibiotic potency (bio-assay) testing conforming to:
- European Pharmacopeia (EP) and British Pharmacopeia (BP) on 240 mm (Nunc Bio-Assay Dish) or 350 mm square dish.

The motorized scanning stage can accommodate either a 240 mm (Nunc Bio-Assay Dish) or 350 mm square dish.

OMNI-Noculator - Robotic Peni Cylinder Filler

Automated Peni Cylinder Dispenser & Filler

The OMNI-Noculator is an automated liquid handling system designed dispense and fill Peni Cylinders. The analyst defines the Pharmacopeia method, number of plates, selects a dispense pattern and the volume to dispense into the Peni Cylinder.


Peni Cylinder Dispenser with Hopper

Peni Cylinders and Manual Peni Cylinder Dispensers

The Peni Cylinders are loaded into the Hopper and the defined number of Peni Cylinders are automatically and accurately dropped on the 90/100mm round petri dish with the pull of a lever.



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In the 2023 Product Catalog we are introducing an automated Peni Cylinder Dispenser with liquid handling capability to dispense and fill Peni Cylinders 

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