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As recognized a leading manufacturer of Image Analysis System, BioLogics offers "turn-key" applications for testing antibiotic potency (antibiotic bio-assay). We've also developed ancillary products such as Peni Cylinders, Peni Cylinder Dispensers and the OMNI-Noculator, a revolutionary robotic liquid dispensing system to fill Peni Cylinders. Our strength lies in the ability to provide application support and prompt and efficient customer service.

OMNICON Zone Reader

OMNICON Zone Reader - Antibiotic Zone Reader

Using the OMNICON Zone Reader to perform antibiotic potency testing can get fast reproducible, quantitative results while automating antibiotic potency testing (bio-assay) using 100mm round petri dishes confirming to US Pharmacopeia, CFR, AOAC, British Pharmacopeia, European Pharmacopeia and Japanese Pharmacopeia test methods.

The OMNICON Zone Reader replaces the use of the Fisher-Lilly Antibiotic Zone Reader or caliper.



OMNICON Large Plate Zone Reader

OMNICON Large Plate Zone Reader - NUNC Bio Assay Dish

The OMNICON Large Plate Zone Reader uses a robotic stage to rapidly scan square large plate dishes (NUNC Bio-Assay dishes), either performed on 243mm or 350mm square dishes, used to test antibiotic potency, conforming to British Pharmacopeia and European Pharmacopeia test methods.


Peni Cylinders and
Peni Cylinder Dispensers

Peni Cylinder Dispenser

We offer three models of the OMNICON Peni Cylinder Dispenser which can be configured to dispense 4 or 6 Peni Cylinders onto 100mm round petri dishes.

We offer two models of stainless steel Peni Cylinders, Flat Face and Chamfered Face or Beveled Face.


Robotic Peni Cylinder Filler

OMNI-Noculator - Robotic Peni Cylinder Filler

The OMNI-Noculator is a robotic liquid handling system designed to fill Peni Cylinders. The user defines the Pharmacopeia method, selects one of several dispense patterns, and the volume to dispense into the Peni Cylinder.

Dispense parameters can be stored and retrieved to reduce configuration time.






OMNICON is a registered trademark of BioLogics, Inc

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In the 2023 Product Catalog we are introducing an automated Peni Cylinder Dispenser with liquid handling capability to dispense and fill Peni Cylinders 

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